Laserfit Modification

Almost as simple to describe as a laser torch in the end of your gun, Laserfit has been developed to aid in the mounting of the gun and essentially does away with hours and hours being spent at the pattern plate. The laser is fitted into the end of your barrels, and you stand 10m from a cardboard target – call the shot, and press a button. The result is instant and gives you the chance to work out if your stock is too high or too low. From here, James and Brett can help modify your gun to give you those extra few elusive targets to take you up a bracket in the percentage tables.

It is a fact that if your head is upright, your eye is in the optimum position for viewing – drop your head down, and the viewing capability drops by up to 65 per cent! Give the Laserfit a try and we're sure you'll reap the rewards. For further information contact us and we'll be pleased to help you out.

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