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More Shooting, More Practice, More Enjoyment, Less Recoil!

The Danuser Counter Coil is proving just the job for a number of recoil sensitive shooters. Having long searched for a suitable product to reduce the effects of recoil, James Hand came across the US product called Danuser. He immediately set up the UK agency and since early 2001, have successfully marketed the recoil reducing product to shooters throughout the UK.

The Counter Coil is a hydraulic shock absorbing device designed to compress as the gun recoils, decelerating the rearward thrust of the stock. One key feature is that it is fully adjustable. The cyliner has an adjuster ring, allowing a range of different settings to be selected. This means the unit can be tuned to suit cartridge or shooting position in a matter of moments.

No more aching shoulders and back
Increases accuracy by reducing flinching
Allows full concentration on target... not on recoil!
Provides hours of enjoyable practice without unnecessary fatigue

Test Results Show Difference

The test and the graphs were produced and documented by an independent hydraulic testing lab. The equipment used in the test was: strain-gauge, bridge load cell, force transducer, digital oscilloscope, u-y recorder. The test was conducted by engineering technician Brent Coppick. The results show the difference in the felt recoil of the 12 ga. single shot shotgun when it is fired. All shots were fired by the same gun. The no damping shots were fired with a plastic block inserted into the Counter Coil so the unit would provide no recoil help. The graph shows the results.

Youngsters Learn Early

We begin teaching our youngsters at an early age so they can go on and share with us in the sports we enjoy.

The Counter Coil can help the young shooter to learn that recoil is not to be feared. It is a parent-provided teaching aid which can eliminate the development of bad habits.

We know the Counter Coil will allow the shooter (man, woman or child) more practice with less recoil problems. Practice squeezing the trigger, practice without flinching, practice with more enjoyment, all of which means more accurate shooting, more concentration on the target and more success on the range or in the field.

It is not a weight system

Unlike other recoil reducers, the Counter Coil is a true adjustable hydraulic shock absorbing unit. The hydraulic cylinder compresses, absorbing the shock of recoil and decelerates the rearward thrust of the firearm.

What this means to the shooter is less recoil is felt. The cylinder is single acting, which menus that you, the shooter, can adjust the compression stroke for a 12 gauge shotgun or .458 Winchester magnum, and the return rate is unaffected.

The adjustments can be made in the field in less than 10 seconds. Adjustments are made by turning the cylinder rod with your fingers. There are 3-5 revolutions of adjustments available. When the unit is adjusted to the most comfortable setting, further adjustments are not necessary.

Most shooters will agree the two main causes of inaccurate shooting are due to flinching and lack of practice. The Counter Coil not only reduces flinching, but also makes practice more enjoyable!

Think what this can mean to any shooter... man, woman or child. By shooting with the knowledge there’ll be no pain or soreness, you can concentrate more on your target.

“Having tested the  Recoil system and used it for some time, I believe the recoil to be so low that it will almost certainly improve individual scores and enable the shooter to get more enjoyment from their shooting. This unit is almost certainly the way of the future."
Carl Bloxham

Stuart Clarke has recently had the Comp Coil fitted to his Beretta Auto which, together with the Kick-Eez pad has produced possibly the lowest recoiling 12 gauge available.

“With the Recoil System fitted, recoil is reduced to such a low level it is almost unnoticeable. Shooting Skeet on peg four, the lower recoil on the first target of a double was so low it made the second target very easy to acquire."
Joe Kitson

Al Miller, writer for Rifle and Handloader Magazine tested our unit on his Roger .458
"Ordinarily, shooting factory loads or their homebrewed equivalent from a .458 benchrest, is too much for me. I'm just not big enough or strong enough to accommodate all that rampaging horsepower. Once the Ruger was equipped with a Counter Coil unit, however, I discovered control was no longer a problem. Instead of leaping off the bags as usual, and slamming back violently, the 77 came straight back. It felt like the shove of a 1mm magnum and barrel rise was less than an inch. As a result, I was able to group those hefty 500 grain slugs for a change. Not only that but five-shot strings ranged from 1 1/4" to 1 3/4" the best accuracy I've ever recorded with those loads! During the tests I conducted, Counter Coil's performance exceeded its manufacturer's claims by a wide margin. I'm not much of a betting man but I'm willing to wager that any competitor shooting a rifle or shotgun equipped with a Counter Coil unit will add at least five points to his or her usual score the first time out... and anyone making up a shoulder arm for a boy or woman is missing a good bet if he overlooks the benefits of Counter Coil." "That little gadget sure takes the 'num' out of magnum!"