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A 'ready to race' package with high spec modifactions...

The 'Brierely Bloxham Special' starts off as a standard Grade 1 Miroku MK38 trap model.
It is available in 3 different quality grades with 3 different options for modifications to these, so there are a total of 9 variations to choose from. The tables below explain the guns grades and the modifcation options.

Gun Quality

These are the 3 different quality guns that you have to choose from:

Grade 1
(Optional adjustable comb)
Grade 3 Grade 5
(Optional adjustable comb)
High quality wood finish Advanced quality wood finish Premium quality wood finish
High quality engraving Advanced engraving Permium engraving

Modification Options

These are the 3 different modifactions that can be made to the guns:
(click on each modification to see it explained in more detail)

  Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Long choke conversion & set of Teague’s thin wall
interchangeable chokes. details...
0 0 0
Unique shaped Barrel Ports. details... - 0 0
Forcing Cones Lengthened & Polished. details... - - 0
Fitted with Danuser Counter Coil recoil reduction system
and pads. details...
- - 0

Read more about the modifications:


You can purchase any of the 3 graded guns with any of the 3 Stage modification options made to them. Examlpes: Grade 1 gun with adjustable cone and Stage 3 modifications, or Grade 5 gun with Stage 1 modifications etc...

Bloxham Your Own Gun

Alternatively you can have your own gun customised with any of the specialised Bloxham modifications. Click here to enquire about this service...

Background Information

The concept of the 'tricked up' competition gun has been slow to take off in this country. In America it is commonplace for companies such as Seminole Gunworks or Ballistic Specialities to take a standard gun and modify it. Lots of things can be done to a standard gun, from choke and forcing cone alterations to porting, trigger tuning and stock work. We have plenty of specialists who can do one or more of these things but no one has pulled them together to put on sale a 'ready to race' package that saves the buyer the time and trouble of getting all the work carried out. Now that has changed as James and Brett Hand have used the expertise of top sporting shot Carl Bloxham to design their version of the ideal sporting gun.

Carl of course has enjoyed most of his success with the Miroku marque. The aim, according to James Hand, is to put a gun into the hands of the improving shot "in which he can have total confidence, sure that if he is doing the right things his gun will deliver the results." The result is a package full of interesting details. The starting point for this gun is a standard Grade 1 Miroku MK38 trap model. Miroku's interpretation of the classic Browning action has itself become a classic, with a reputation for reliability and for being one of the most 'user friendly' guns you can buy. It is natural that Carl chose the trap version because he himself favours the beavertail fore end found on this gun. For a full report on the ins and outs of the Brierley Bloxham Special, please read the attached PDF that was featured in Clay Shooting magazine. For more information, simply contact us...